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High Plains Gospel (EP)

Dan Schwartz

High Plains Gospel is the new release by veteran twin-cities area guitarist / composer Dan Schwartz. The Ep is a collection of pastoral, spacious harp guitar instrumentals inspired by the open landscapes of his favorite places.

This is not gospel music in the traditional sense, yet the music on High Plains Gospel is just as deeply emotional and heartfelt. There is a spiritual quality in the performance of this music; a reverence for nature’s bounty. Dan’s compositions paint a clear and captivating portrait of life and love on the plains.

To bring this music to life, Dan found the perfect match in the mighty harp guitar. The extended range of the instrument allows for rich, resonant bass lines to perfectly propel these beautiful, flowing melodies. Fingerstyle guitar fans will find a special gift in High Plains Gospel. This is also timeless music that should be appreciated by pretty much anyone.

"Let's talk about that BEAUTIFUL harp guitar CD for a sec....Great engineering and production choices AND the compositions/arrangements/performances are at highest level - super clear - super energetic/emotive - great project!"
~ Billy McLaughlin
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