Dan Schwartz



Starting at the very beginning, his dad’s interest in The Grand Ole Opry and his mom’s fondness for American Bandstand immersed Dan Schwartz in a wide variety of great music. This influence resonates in the range of music he composes, records and performs today in his solo work and with group: The Neighborhood Trio. Dan has written and released ten CDs and has been featured on several internationally released acoustic guitar compilations including Narada Records Masters of Acoustic Guitar. His recordings have earned him a nomination for guitarists of the year (Minnesota Music Academy) and local Folk/roots album of the year (Mpls. St Paul Magazine). His latest release, High Plains Gospel, is a collection of finger-style guitar tunes played on harp guitar and acoustic lap steel.


Other Credits and Recordings:

  • High Plains Gospel (Peacefire Productions, 2018), principal recording
  • Jungle Theater: Fly By Night (2017), guitarist
  • Peter Mayer: Third Street (Blue Boat, 2014), session musician
  • Masters Certificate in Orff Schulwerk, University of St Thomas (2013)
  • The Neighborhood Trio: The Neighborhood Trio (Peacefire Productions, 2011), principal recording
  • New Roots Duo: Next Stop singles (Peacefire Productions, 2010), principal recording
  • Leandra Peak: Honeysuckle Vine (Uncle Gus Music, 2010), session musician
  • Peter Mayer: Heaven Below (Blue Boat, 2010), session musician
  • Simple Gifts With Billy McLaughlin: Small Town Christmas (Proton Discs 2009), guest artist
  • Lifescapes - Relaxing Guitar, produced by Billy McLaughlin (Compass Productions, 2009), compilation recording
  • Neal Hagberg: It's Not as Simple as It Seems (Uncle Gus Music, 2008) producer, engineer
  • Roots Run Deep voted "Best folk/roots album of the year" by Mpls. St Paul Magazine
  • New Roots Duo: Roots Run Deep (Peacefire Productions, 2008), principal recording
  • Dan Schwartz (Peacefire Productions, 2007), principal recording
  • Peter Mayer: Novelties (Blue Boat, 2007), session musician
  • Lifescapes - World Guitars (Compass Productions2006), producer, performer
  • Guitar Meditations, Vol. 2 (Souldfood, 2005), compilation recording
  • Peter Mayer: Midwinter (Blue Boat, 2005), session musician
  • Toured throughout U.S. performing with folk singer-songwriter Peter Mayer (2004-2005)
  • Lifescapes - Classical Guitar: 'Tis the Season (Compass Productions, 2004), producer, performer
  • Lifescapes - Imagine Santa Fe (Compass Productions, 2004), principal recording
  • Lifescapes - Acoustic Relaxation, (Compass Productions, 2003), principal recording
  • Guitar-Fingerstyle II (Narada Productions, 2001) compilation recording
  • Lifescapes - Solo Guitar, produced by Billy McLaughlin (Compass Productions, 2000), compilation recording
  • Guitar Center/VH-1 "Guitarmageddon" national guitar competition - first place, Minneapolis finals (2000)
  • "Cameo Critic" in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune discussing essential finger-style guitar recordings (2000)
  • American Finger-Style Guitar (Peacefire Productions, 1999), compilation recording, engineer
  • Member of Universal Recording artist Angel Grant's Band, produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (1998-1999)
  • Boyz II Men: The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack, (Dreamworks, 1998), session musician
  • Masters of Acoustic Guitar compilation (Narada Productions, 1997), compilation recording
  • Nominated for "Guitarist of the Year" by the Minnesota Music Academy (1997)
  • The Art of Making Fire (Peacefire Productions, 1997), principal recording
  • Michael Hedges/Rhythm, Sonority, Silence, (Stropes Editions Ltd, 1995) developed standard notation
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in American Finger-Style Guitar Performance, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1995)
  • Faculty member of Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (1992-1996)